Kratom Crazy ( Company Review and Guide 

Kratom Crazy ( Review

Kratom Crazy Basics: Is it a trustworthy vendor? 

Kratom Crazy is so crazy about kratom that they guarantee their products have at least 1.6% Mitragynine in the kratom purchased. Alkaloid content is a huge part in what makes a kratom strain potent or not, so by using this baseline number, Kratom Crazy is letting you know that you're going to feel the major benefits of kratom. Some strains are as high as 2%.

If you've never used kratom, you might be wondering what its effects are. As a longtime user, I can tell you everything that Kratom Crazy kratom might help you with. Some strains of kratom bring on relaxation, others energy, and others are a more mixed effect. At larger doses, sedation will be possible from some strains, and that's great if you're looking for a nighttime strain.

Kratom Crazy is serious about the quality and potency of their product, and as one of the newer vendors on the market, they made a mighty impression on me. They have free USPS priority shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, and lab-tested kratom that has to live up to their standards of quality. Coincidentally, their standards are very high, and that's exactly what customers like me look for.

Features and Benefits 


Kratom Crazy's website is well-thought-out and extremely easy to order from. They mention on the homepage that they have lab-tested kratom. This is a huge perk and something customers like me look for. When I buy kratom online, I want to know that it's safe. Kratom Crazy goes the extra mile for their customers by posting lab results and authenticating the safety of their product. In addition to lab-tested kratom and potent kratom, you also get:

  • Extensive customer reviews that let you know which strains work and how they work

  • A boatload of different kratom varieties including Green Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, Red Vein Borneo, and so many more

  • Wholesale pricing on orders of 25K and up

  • A company that works only with experienced kratom farmers and knows their connections well

Customer support is a fully involved team that really cares about their product, and you can tell from reading through the website that this is a company that wants to be at the forefront of selling kratom. They believe in its efficacy as a pain reliever, anxiety reducer, and mood enhancer. They are advocates for kratom as well. Their quality process is second to none in the industry with 5 points of quality checks.

Why choose Kratom Crazy to buy kratom from? (Pros & Cons)  


  • This company actually checks the alkaloid content of its kratom to ensure that you get high alkaloid percentage in every batch
  • A 5-point quality control procedure that they enact with passion for the product
  • Kratom Crazy is serious about accountability toward the environment, too, with partners who have kratom sustainability in mind
  • Drying procedures for the kratom that makes for top quality
  • Enough confidence in their product that they lab test it and provide a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Orders $49 and over receive free USPS shipping


  • Due to the extensive quality procedures and checks, you can expect prices to be a bit higher than other venues
  • The available extracts on the site are buried a little deeper into the site and hard to find at first
  • While the kratom is definitely quality, some folks won't be as concerned about the alkaloid content and may be willing to buy budget kratom instead
  • Service hours end a little early, at 5:30 PM

With so many features, a knack for customer service, and dozens and dozens of varieties to choose from, you'll have a blast exploring Kratom Crazy's website.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

With a 5-step quality assurance procedure, high alkaloid content for potency, and lab-tested kratom that is safe to use, you've got a terrific batch of kratom every time from Kratom Crazy. Few people would argue that this isn't a company that knows its stuff. You might call the lengths they go to for quality crazy, but we call it common sense.

Quality and alkaloid content are huge things for customers. If you want great kratom, you've got to shop from a company that cares about quality, and Kratom Crazy certainly cares about their product. It shows. With a money-back guarantee, a customer service team that wants to give you the best kratom experience you've ever had, and pricing that is fair for the quality you get, Kratom Crazy is perfect.

While I use kratom for pain relief, there are many strains here that bring on the other good stuff kratom has to offer: energy and mood enhancement. Thanks to the handy reviews on Kratom Crazy, you get a chance to find out what each reviewer experienced when they used a particular strain (for example Red Vein Borneo). This gives you a more steady buying experience.

As Kratom Crazy becomes more well-known, they're certain to become a leader in this industry. They have so many strains to choose from, coupons galore, and a nice 3-strain variety pack that lets you start off with a budget sample pack to get an idea of which strains are going to be your favorites. Experimenting with kratom is a blast, and Kratom Crazy makes it easy and affordable in the beginning.

As a longtime kratom user, I am crazy about Kratom Crazy, and that's crazy in a very positive way. This vendor is already one of the best in the business, and their quality process is just impressive in any industry. If you want to get a fair price for some true blue quality kratom, you should visit Kratom Crazy and see what they've got on sale today, or better yet just grab their Variety Pack. Visit them today.

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