POTLI CBD Honey Product Review and Guide

POTLI CBD Honey Review

Product Overview: CBD Edibles

It seems CBD-infused anything is all the rage these days, but just about nothing beats the sticky, sweet goodness of some good old-fashioned CBD-infused honey. Not only are you getting a nice dose of CBD, with all its pain and stress relieving benefits, but you're getting it via food that's natural and good for you.

I was just as skeptical as the next person about CBD-infused products until I tried it myself for chronic pain. I was shocked to see a raw honey CBD-infused product, though, and wondered about the advantages of an edible like this. Would it work just as much as CBD capsules and creams? How about the taste?

Features and Benefits: CBD For Pain and Anxiety

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  • An edible CBD product doubles your advantages, as you get to enjoy the taste of honey and still experience the benefits of CBD

  • Harvested in POTLI CBD East Bay hives, so they control the quality from start to finish

  • Honey itself has healing properties and is a tasty healthy food

  • Packaging is attractive and looks just like your typical jar of delicious honey

POTLI CBD honey is new to the game, but they're growing all the time, as they point out on their site. What's refreshing about this product is its simplicity and commitment to quality CBD and honey itself, which both have tremendous health benefits. When combined, they form a good barrier against stress and pain.

Pros & Cons of this CBD product

There aren't many downsides to CBD-infused honey, but it's important to take a balanced view of any product and anticipate any downsides.


  • Sealed jars keep your honey safe, sound, and aesthetic

  • Clear labeling tells you exactly how much CBD relief you're getting in each jar (120 mg)

  • You have the option of buying "sticks" of honey, too, that give you the same 10 mg dose per stick (buy 5 at a time for savings)

  • Lab-tested with clearly posted Certificate of Analysis available on their website

  • Customer service and the people running the show are glad for your business and pleasant to deal with

  • There is less than .03% THC in this product


  • Unfortunately, the website is very short and to the point, with no blog yet

  • More testimonials would have been a nice addition to the site

  • For people who want THC-free CBD, this isn't your product

  • This will be the most expensive jar of raw honey you've ever purchased (probably)

Final Verdict for the Vendor

CBD products continue to flood the world, and it can sometimes be confusing trying to figure out which ones are worth a purchase and which ones are just fads. Two best friends came up with this raw, wildflower honey product: Christine Yi and Felicity Chen. I believe they've created something really special here.

The health benefits of raw honey have been well-documented for a long time now, but add CBD into the mix and you've got pure health plus fantastic pain and anxiety relief. For people who just need to settle down and soothe themselves, honey has properties that aid in this, too. The CBD is the icing on the cake.

Pain patients will also find that there's good relief to be had from this honey. At times you might need more than one tablespoon, given the relatively small 10 mg per tablespoon dosage, but there are also times when 10 mg will be more than enough to soothe common aches and pains. People in more pain will potentially need more.

Honey tastes good, is good for you, and now it's infused with CBD. With very little THC content here to speak of, this is ideal for people who want to spice up their CBD routine with something a little out of the ordinary. Having this CBD-infused honey in your kitchen can make for more relaxing times around your household.

The creators of this CBD-infused raw honey continue to look for ways to combine the pain and anxiety relief of CBD with the delicious goodness of our favorite foods. I'd love to see more out of this company in the future, but for now, it continues to draw attention for its innovative and tasty addition to the world of CBD-infused products.

It's easy to order sticks or jars from their website. If you're ready to see if CBD-infused raw honey is just the thing you're looking for to deal with pain, anxiety, depression, or just plain boredom, then you can step over to the Potli Shop to see what they've created for you today. There will be plenty of products added in the future.

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